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"The excitement and passion I see for the art of music are so beautiful it brings me joy."
Demetri (owner)

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Our mission is to bring playing music into every home.

Our purpose is to offer a clear, simple, and attractive way of understanding how music works.

The Demi-Circle of Music is the most exciting, innovative, revolutionary answer ever. It challenges you to take a different approach to understand music. The Circle's detailed yet simplistic design makes everything clear and easy to understand. In addition, the beautiful visual illustration of every single note working together makes the Demi-Circle unique.

Music theory is incredibly abstract and complex. But, the Demi-Circle brings the intricate and conceptual into a clear visual model that is easy to see, feel, and manipulate. I have personally experienced this non-linear visual technique giving students a complete understanding of the structure and workings of music --making them happier and more confident.

Students are showing confidence and performing a clear understanding of:

• placement of notes on their instruments
• unique interval qualities
• scale structure

• chord structure
• chord progressions

• understanding of the Circle of fifths 

• development of an excellent ear

Demetri, The Music Teacher

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"I am a passionate and experienced music teacher, committed to helping my students discover the joy and rewards of hard work. I am knowledgeable, move at an excellent pace, and bring a sense of humor and light-heartedness to my lessons. My goal is to positively impact my student's lives, helping them develop a love for music and the discipline to succeed. I am patient, kind, and attentive, creating a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and trying new things. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, I am here to help you pursue and accomplish your dreams. So let's make music together and improve our lives."

Demetri 4 Music Lessons - Where Passion and Talent Meet

Proud of our reputation for excellence, Demetri 4 Music Lessons is the ideal environment for students of all levels to prepare for a lifetime of musical rewards. Join our creative and passionate community and make the most of your talents with the guidance of my 25 years of experience. So enroll now and discover the joy of music with us!

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