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Tools are the key to survival.

The Demi-Circle of Music is a revolutionary new survival tool for learning music and the only tool you will need.


The number one reason students fail at music is that they need to learn what notes they are playing.


Everything up to today has used a linear approach to finding notes, as in a fretboard diagram.


You only need one note on the Circle to move quickly and accurately anywhere on your instrument.


The beauty is in simplicity. Putting only the letter notes on a 12-dot circle gives you an extremely effective and proven navigation tool that works for all musical instruments!


This breakthrough is the result of over 20 years of development. I have been challenged by trying to help students memorize the notes on their instruments. The answer is to use logic and reason. The Demi-Circle of Music creates students moving beyond simple accuracy to discussing more complex and challenging questions to understand music.


Try "The Survival Tool Challenge" for Free. Find out why students who complete this simple course have enough in their toolbox to play music for the rest of their lives. 

Piano Keyboard

The Demi-Circle of Music

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