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The Demi Short Video Series #1: How to navigate "The Demi-Circle of Music" blog series.

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Music is a world unto itself, and you are welcome to participate in how music works. The note is the smallest element in music structure. The purest form of note structure is melodic. Here notes stand alone in a series. (Blog #2)

A series of notes can form a scale. We recognize the structure of these scales with melodic chords called tetra-chords. (Blogs #3-6)

We measure notes in a complicated practice known as intervals. (Blogs #7, 8)

We can illuminate a single melodic note with extra harmonic notes. Using a ternary system to build harmonic chords is unique to its series of notes counterpart's melodic chords. (Blog #9)

Understanding harmonic chords on the guitar. (Blogs #10-14)

Understand harmonic chords on the ukulele. (Blogs #15-17)

Putting melodic practice of Sol-feg to the voice with "Sol, the stick man." (Blog #18) Understanding harmonic chords on the bass. (Blogs #21-24)

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