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Retirement Gift

Playing Guitar

Make retirement special with a gift from Perform at an open mic. Sing and play a song. I will show them how. It starts with one song. Call for special pricing at (916) 625-1651.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Demetri can. I am learning to play the bass in my retirement. I am only two months in, but I've learned a lot and love playing worship music.

Chris Shepherd

He is a great instructor who enjoys what he is doing. With Demetri as your teacher, you can play guitar in no time.

Diego Gonzalez

Demetri is a very brilliant teacher and a great friend. He is very understanding of my health conditions. He explains the techniques and concepts well and is very patient and willing to slow down and elaborate. In addition, he has devised inventive ways of teaching music theory that I find helpful and engaging. I highly recommend giving his lessons a try!

Rory Perkins

My boys have been attending lessons with Demetri for over four years. Demetri uses a healthy balance of learning and fun. He has cultivated an interest in music that is lasting. Overall I am very happy.

A. C. R.

Accelerate your learning with accuracy that comes from understanding. This course offers an exciting and satisfying way to learn the basics of music by navigating the Demi-Circle. An amazing tool I have created. It gives a snapshot of how notes live and work together. The Demi-Circle of Music method makes understanding note placement easy and intuitive. With personal one-on-one guidance, you'll gain insight into how to form scales, measure note relationships, and build chords. The course includes four private 30-minute Zoom meetings, an easy-to-follow written instructional series, and interactive visual aids. There's no risk in trying the course. And a current $50 discount is an even better value. So enroll now to start your journey in music!

Playing Guitar

Unleash your musical potential with Demetri's Demi-Circle of Music! This revolutionary program simplifies the elements of music, making it easy to understand and master. Learn from the master teacher, Demetri and take your skills to new heights. Don't wait, join now and start your path to musical success!

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