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This course offers an exciting and satisfying way to learn the basics of music theory and notation. The Demi-Circle of Music method makes understanding note placement easy and intuitive. With personal one-on-one guidance, you'll gain insight into how to form scales, measure note relationships, and build chords. The course includes four private 30-minute Zoom meetings, an easy-to-follow written instructional series, and interactive visual aides. There's no risk in trying the course. And with a current $50 discount, it's an even better value. Enroll now to start your journey in music!

Playing Guitar

Unleash your musical potential with Demetri's Demi-Circle of Music! This revolutionary program simplifies the elements of music, making it easy to understand and master. Learn from the master teacher, Demetri and take your skills to new heights. Don't wait, join now and start your path to musical success!

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