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The Demi Short Video Series: #5 Building the F Major scale with tetra-chords.

Join me at to explore the amazing world of music. Today we are looking at how to build a scale by matching two major tetra-chords in the correct form. Moving to the flat side of the circle of fifths, we see that the Tonic Major tetra-chord from the Key of C is the Dominant Major tetra-chord in the Key of F. The Tonic Major tetra-chord in the key of F starts with F and has a structure of a whole step, a whole step, and a half step. That structure gives us the Bb and separates the Tonic tetra from the Dominant by a whole step. Of course, this practice continues counter-clockwise on the circle of fifths with the key of Bb. The key of Bb takes its Dominant Major tetra-chord from the Tonic of F.

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